Single Trip

Ideal for one-off holidays and short breaks

Single Trip travel insurance provides flexible cover for a one-off holiday or short break - with a cost to match the length of your trip and the destination you have in mind. It's the ideal option for anyone who is not expecting to travel again in the next 12 months and wants a quick, simple, cost-effective way to safeguard themselves while travelling. There are three levels of cover -- Budget, Premier and Premier Plus insurance and you can purchase any one of these products, depending on your specific requirements.

AIG travel insurance includes:

  • Medical expenses - unlimited amount
  • Cancellation or cutting short your trip - up to final invoice cost
  • Personal belongings - up to €2,500
  • Personal money - up to €700

If you intend to travel more regularly, our Annual travel insurance may be more suitable.

See the insurance product information document for full details.